Walk-In Showers: Accessible Luxury

We all deserve a little luxury in our lives, right? We work hard every day to make ends meet and support our families – and it’s nice to have some kind of luxury to which to come home every day.

Why not wash off all the day’s hard work with a walk-in shower? These have been seen as luxury items for many bathrooms, but they are also become more popular as options in bathroom renovations. Why? Walk-in showers do not require additional or altered plumbing; they can be put in using what already exists.

“Walk-in showers are luxuries that are truly becoming more popular. Not only are they accessible for people as mobility changes over time, but there are several options for tile and flooring that can make walk-in showers much more desirable than standard bathtub showers. Walk-in showers can truly be their own escape.”

And you know what? That’s not even the half of it when it comes to walk-in showers. Not only can homeowners work with SJM Tile and Masonry’s walk-in shower specialists to select from a variety of tile, flooring and even shower-head options for the ultimate in luxury, there is the added convenience of access. Over time, some people will lose the agility and mobility that was once taken for granted. With traditional bathtubs in place, some people who lose that mobility cannot get into the shower. But with walk-in showers, there is no need for someone to step over a bathtub wall or to be lifted out of a wheelchair to get into a shower. Walk-in showers can be built with a wide entryway for wheelchair access and ease of use by those with more limited mobility.

There are many benefits to trade your traditional bathtub for a walk-in shower. Not only can it be done for the luxury, but also for the convenience. And one may find it more affordable that than believed. SJM Tile and Masonry has specialists in walk-in shower designs, and setting an appointment through our website is a convenient way to set up a time with our design experts to create the perfect haven for you and your family. Because loving the house you come home to is our mission and our expectation every day.

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