Flood Damage In Long Beach from Hurricane Sandy

Apart from the emotional scars, Flood Damage in Long Beach due to Hurricane Sandy caused massive damages to our homes. As members of the Long Beach community, we understand very well the need for Long Beach flood repair. However, in our clean up and repair plan we should focus on identifying the objects and items that need our immediate attention. Here are the symptoms we should look for when prioritizing our actions:

1. Identify The Spots Affected By Mold

Unfortunately, mold is one of those factors that ruin much more than the aesthetics of our walls but exposes us to tremendous health risks. Mold creates the perfect environment for the harmful organisms to develop and thrive. Mold occurs within two days of water contact but in can occur even within one day in case of big floods, and Sandy was a huge flood. What seems a harmless and limited outbreak initially, it will eventually turn into a colony within a few weeks. In most cases, home owners can’t possibly deal with such situations without the help of professional companies. To cut our losses, we should call the experts as soon as we see the first black signs of the insidious mold.

2. Recognize Signs Of Permanent Water Damage

Sandy had an unfortunate way of opening up our eyes towards the extent of damage that a flood can produce. It also revealed just how vulnerable wood floors are in front of the furious and devastating waters. The water damage may seem minimal at a first glance but within a week or two our wooden floors start buckling and deforming. This is the irreversible water destruction that will ruin not only the appearance of our homes but also its value. In most cases, wood floors need immediate replacement while in other cases small refurbishments will resolve the situation. As a rule, if water damaged floors are not attended immediately, moisture can extend to other parts of the house and cause even more troubles down the road.When faced with natural catastrophes such as Sandy, we tend to grow wiser and make smarter choices in the future. We learn from our mistakes. No matter how beautiful and appealing hardwood floors in particular and wood floors in general are the truth is that they are not exactly the most viable flooring solution in case of flood. However, it is strictly our choice as homeowners if we go for wood floors or tile floors. Plank tile is a perfect option for people who prefer the aesthetics of wood floor and the practicability of tiles.

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