Top 5 Creative Kitchen Backsplash trends

Winter renovationsoffer the opportunity to save money and get renovations done before your hecticspringtime gatherings begin. One of the smaller projects that SJM Tile and Masonry offers that carries one of the biggest impacts is adding a creative kitchen backsplash.

Why Renovate the Tile Backsplash in Your Kitchen?

Glass Tile Backsplash

An updated kitchen backsplash adds a creative touch to a room of the house that is all too often overpowered with appliances and workspace. A backsplash isalso a great way to personalize the kitchen or simply give it a fresh appearance by removing food stained, outdated tiling.

Creative Kitchen Backsplash Trends

One of the best things about adding or renovating a backsplash is that you have so much creative freedom over the appearance of your tiling project. 5 of the most creative kitchen backsplash trends that SJM Tile and Masonry have been seeing lately includes the glitter glass kitchen backsplash, the lantern tile kitchen backsplash, the linear mosaic kitchen backsplash, the travertine-style ceramic kitchen backsplash, and the stone kitchen backsplash.

The Glitter Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glitter Glass Creative Kitchen Backsplash

The glitter glass tile backsplash is a unique approach to a kitchen backsplash that includes glitter infused glass tiles.These tiles are incorporated into a pattern with non-glitter tiles and the pattern and color scheme can be customized to your liking.

The Lantern Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Moroccan Style Kitchen Backsplash

The lantern tile backsplash creates a unique geometric appearance to the backsplash. These Arabesque tiles vary drastically in color scheme and can range anywhere from darker earth tones to lighter grays.

The Linear Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Linear Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

One of the more popular backsplash choices currently is the linear tile backsplash. These thin linear tiles range in color and can be placed to create any pattern you desire. Often these tiles have a high glossy sheen to them, but they can also be matte with a stone like texture.

The Travertine-Style Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Travertine-Style Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Travertine-style ceramic tiles are more rustic in appearance. These tiles come in a range of shapes, but all are light in color by nature of being travertine tile. This backsplash is perfect for smaller kitchens because it is lighter and makes the room seem bigger.

The Stone Kitchen BackSplash

Stone Kitchen BackSplash

Stone kitchen tiles are timeless and range in texture, shape, and color. One of the things that homeowners really love about stone kitchen backsplashes is that they can create more dimension by sticking out of the wall at various depths. All stone backsplashes are generally matte rather than glossy.

Do you have an idea for a kitchen backsplash that doesn't fit one of the creative designs listed above? We'd love to hear from you and help you to make your vision come to life!

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