Five Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Backsplash to Your Kitchen

Have you ever noticed how plain your kitchen walls are looking and thought about calling in a Long Island tile contractor like SJM Tile & Masonry to give you a free quote for a kitchen backsplash to add a little flair? In fact if you give us a call, Shawn Jarrett can work with you to select the ceramic tile backsplash or glass mosaic kitchen backsplash (pictured below) to make sure that you love the house that you come home to!

Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Glass and Stone Mosaic Backsplash in Plainview, NY[/caption]If you are still not quite sure whether you should add a backsplash to your kitchen perhaps glancing over a few of the benefits that these beautiful and functional additions can add to the most utilized room of your home!

1. The backsplash is a practical solution to keep one of the messiest rooms in the house one of the easiest rooms to clean.

2. A kitchen backsplash protects wallpaper and painted walls from the splatter of cooking which can be impossible to remove.

3. Wallpaper and painted walls can absorb odor from cooking so adding a ceramic tile backsplash by the stove will help to prevent this from happening.

4. A kitchen backsplash adds a focal point to an otherwise plain looking kitchen. With various tiling options you can add flair without being extravagant or overspending on interior designers or expensive wallpapers.

5. A tile backsplash is also a great way to hide small gaps that can be unsightly when counter-tops don't sit flush against walls, so ultimately they provide a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen overall.

If you think a kitchen backsplash might be right to refresh and renew your kitchen but don't feel up to the job yourself, why not hop over and fill in our online form for a free no strings attached estimate?

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