5 Reasons Wood Look Tile Beats Hardwood Flooring

There is no argument that wood is a wonderful flooring material, especially treasured for its good looks and elegance. Despite its splendor, wood has its disadvantages as it is difficult to install, it absorbs moisture, it is hard to clean, it is discolored by sunlight, and it is qite expensive. And yet, the appeal of wood floors is really difficult to resist. Long Island Tile and Masonry Contractor Shawn Jarrett explains:Today'splank tile truly mimics the appearance of wood flooring. The solution is ingenious as it combines the practicability of tiles and the beauty of wood. Below arejust some of the benefits of plank tile when compared to wood:

  • Versatility. The modern wood patterns used on plank tile exceed even the highest expectations as far as the flexibility and diversity of the design. Unlike wood flooring, plank tile comes in many shapes, forms and dimensions putting our imagination and creativity to the test. Moreover, plank tile, just like most tiles, can be installed on virtually any surface given that it is level.
  • Ease of Repair. Plank tile is not only a lot easier to repair than wood flooring but reparations are hardly noticed in case they do occur. Given its resilience to stains and discoloration, plank tiles look as good as new even when they are a few years old. So when one tile is replaced, the reparation is hardly noticeable.
  • Water resistance. Plank tile is water resistant by nature unlike wood that distorts and bulges under the action of water or moisture. Also, the adhesive used to install plank tile is water resistant which makes plank tile flooring highly resistant even to the force of a strong flood.
  • Ease of Maintenance. Plank tile can be cleaned with very little effort without any special cleaners with a sweep, a vacuum or even a mop. Moreover, plank tile does not involve any special treatments or refurbishments in order to maintain its characteristics. Wood floors on the other hand require regular maintenance while cleaning is a lot more time-consuming and meticulous.Plank tile has many more benefits including fire resistance, slip and frost resistance, thermal shock resistance, resistance to tread and abrasion wear, as well as chemical resistance. Also, plank tile is very easy to clean which makes it easier for us to maintain a clean environment especially in areas where hygiene is very important such as the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • Great Resilience. Another important advantage of plank tile is a great resilience to discoloration andcolor permanence. Unlike wood, the colors of plank tile are not altered by sunlight and thus they remain fresh for many, many years. In case of wood flooring, if you place a rug in the middle of the room, you will notice that the space underneath will have a different color than the rest of the room. That is because that small space was protected against the sunlight by the rug while the remaining floor was altered by sunlight. Thus, plank tile can supplement the beauty and looks of wood without sacrificing the toughness and endurance of the ceramic.

With a wide variety of colors and finishes, wood tiles are really giving real wood floors a run for their money. Call Shawn Jarrett to set up an estimateat 516-385-5440.

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