4 Reasons Why You Should Winterize Your Masonry Work!

When it comes to winterizing your home, you may already have given plenty of thought to roofing and windows, but what about winterizing your masonry work? Just like the more commonly considered aspects of your home, your masonry work requires winter preparation as well. So what can you do to protect your masonry work from winter’s devastation?

Seal Your Pavers For Winter!
  1. Clean off Your Patio!

Your patio collects a lot of dirt and grime throughout the summer, not to mention falling leaves through the autumn. Before the snow starts falling and temperatures start dropping, get a broom and sweep your patio clean! If you have a power washer, even better! Don’t let dirt, grime and leaves sit on your patio all winter under a layer of moisture creating unsightly stains!

  1. Seal your pavers professionally every 3-5 years

Haveyour a Long Island Masonry Professional seal your pavers which will prevent surface erosion that normally takes place over the years from rain and the elements. All concrete, whether it be pre-cast products like pavers or poured-in-place like sidewalks, will erode over time. Sealing your pavers also keeps them looking new and clean and helps to protect themfrom ice melt and Long Island's harsh winters.

  1. Check Walkways for Damage

Walkways and paths need to be in optimal condition before the snow and ice of winter hit. Of course, walkways and paths should always be in optimal condition to prevent tripping, but winter weather makes tripping and slipping much more likely. If you find uneven masonry, broken masonry or other masonry concerns contact the masonry experts at SJM Tile & Masonry to get your masonry in order before winter hits!

  1. Keep Paths and Walkways Protected from Ice and Clear of Snow

Keeping pathways and walkways free of ice and snow is not only necessary for human safety, but it is also important for the health of your masonry work in your Long Islandhome! Not only can the moisture from snow and ice discolor and damage your masonry, but it can also cause shifting between bricks and paving slabs.

Most importantly we recommend having a professional treat and seal your pavers. Sealing pavers not only prevents efflorescence from marring their physical appearance and structural integrity, but it also gives then a cleaner appearance, prevents surface erosion and stabilizes the joint sand. Once your pavers become dirty, eroded and destabilized your only solution may be to completely replace them! This is why it is crucial to protect them well the first time by having a professional company seal them with a high quality sealant.

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